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My 2005 "Year in Pictures" Reflection Page!

(It's Been A Wonderful Year - By No Means Easy - But I Couldn't Have Done It Without You!)

Steve The year 2005 is almost up and let me say up front: I am a blessed man!

Not that it hasn't been a tough year - It has. In fact, when close friends would ask "How are you doing?" in a way that they showed they really wanted to know, I typically answered, "Well, I honestly can tell you about all the good that's going on or all the bad that's going on. Which do you want to hear first?" ;)

Ah, but let me tell you about how blessed I am, amidst all my circumstantial stuff. Over 13 years ago, as a troubled young 20-something in college, Jesus transformed my heart and radically changed the course of my life. Read my "testimony" for all the details, but where there was once rebellion, hopelessness, despair and a love for sin in my heart, God has replaced it joy, freedom, redemption, victory and the power to make a real and lasting difference in the lives of others. I think we all face this challenge: To tap into that joy and to live from the wellspring of life, even when the world is beating us down. Jesus said, "Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them." (John 7:38) I can testify that Jesus' words are true.

Now to you ... It is obvious I am not an island, and am so grateful to all of you who have visited this web site over the years. More so, your willingness to be my "audience" is truly an honor and priviledge, and I'm quite grateful for the significant increase in web traffic this past year. Some of you made financial donations (see donation page) and some sent encouraging e-mails and messages on my discussion forums - Both mean so much to me!

A few others need to be recognized directly: My advertisers (Andrew Anderson at High Rise Coffee, Pete Harrsion at Knotworks Furniture Repair, and Phil Ladden at the Homestead Restaurant in Florence, Colorado), graphic designers who've done work for me for free! ("Mare P" in Ohio and Ken Maynard in Manitou Springs, Colorado), computer/Internet experts who helped greatly behind the scenes (Lars Leber, Mr. "Littlehands" and Paul "Maryland Guy" Henne), and Jeff Kowalke, my very excellent host provider at

Most importantly, I thank all of you for your friendship. I look forward to many more years of enjoying this crazy web site project known as "ColoradoGuy", and if you happen to see me on the trails or photographing an interesting Colorado site, please don't hesitate to say "hi"! :)

From my heart to yours, I love you!

-Steve :)

2005 - The Year in Pictures :) (Compiled January 1, 2005)
Ben Pete
Kansas Kelly Dr. Jon Westcott
The 2005 Hair Consultant Election!
Special thanks to all four candidates, Ben, Pete, Kansas Kelly and Dr. Jon for making the '05 HC election so much fun! Ben won the election (despite losing the popular vote) and has been serving faithfully as Hair Consultant ever since. Each thumbnail photo links to the candidates' respective campaign stories.

Election links:
  • The Final Election Results
  • 2005 Election Headquarters Page
  • History of Hair Consultants & HC Information
  • Buena Vista, Colorado
    Buena Vista, Colorado
    Buena Vista, Colorado
    In late October, I moved to the small town of Buena Vista in Central Colorado. I'm currently living in a cozy cabin with a stunning view of Mt. Princeton outside of my living room. I included two photos (Top: Close to where I live. - Middle: West of Johnson Village) that show off the beauty of Mt. Princeton. Already I've made some very meaningful connections with residents and am already facilitating a "cancer support group" for cancer survivors and caretakers in the Arkansas Valley. Oh ... and I can't wait to start hiking all these 14ers and do some kayaking when the weather gets warm! :)
    Bicycling I reached my goal of bicycling 3,000 miles for the year. Special thanks to Dave Ortiz in Durango for helping to motivate me during some of our longer rides together. (Our longest ride was a two-day, 155-mile round trip from Manitou Springs to Denver.) My goal for the future is to bicycle across America, and that just might happen sooner than I think! ;)
    Here are some of my best rides for the year:
  • Buena Vista / Salida, Monarch Pass, Breckenridge
  • Bicycling Around in Telluride
  • South Fork to Creede (Round Trip)
  • Cascade to Manitou Lake (Round Trip)
  • Bumper Sticker
    The web site! Wow ... where do I begin?

    While I'm by no means wealthy, I made more revenue in 2005 than in any other year and traffic is significantly increased. I now have ColoradoGuy bumper stickers (top) that I give to people for free if they vow to put them on their vehicles. My online store was revamped with a spiffy-looking new logo too, the daily trivia game has become an enjoyable new feature (thanks to all the hard work of Florida Pete) and I created loads and loads of new discussion forums!

    Also, three new holidays were created this year: The Anti-Metric System Holiday (bottom), "Make Fun of Crested Butt" Day and Hair Consultant Appreciation Day. Of course, "Drama Queen Day" (last Friday in January) and the annual Hair Consultant election (mid-April) have become well-recognized as traditional holidays.
    The 2005 Festival!
    The 2005 ColoradoGuy Festival was held in northwest Arkansas this year, and while attendance was lower than in 2004, everyone had a really wonderful time. I personally got to meet Precious and Keema, two "regulars" on the Arkansas Forum. Special thanks to Kansas Kelly and her parents for doing quite a bit of "behind the scenes" work to make this event happen! :)
    Journey Of Hope Counseling
    I successfully launched my private counseling practice in the Spring 2005. While I haven't reached a full caseload, I made significant steps towards getting there. I have really appreciated all those who sought me for counseling and believe 2006 will be a "break out" year with finances, numbers of clients, making a difference and all that. :) The top photo is the current logo on my counseling web site, Journey of Hope Counseling, and the bottom photo is a March 2005 picture of my messy desk from my old job in Green Mountain Falls. ;)
    Ron Special thanks to Ron, my absolute "best friend" for the year!
    All of my pictorials that have Ron in them:
  • Dinosaur Resource Center (Woodland Park)
  • Denver Butterfly Pavillion
  • Royal Gorge
  • Rush, Colorado
  • ColoradoGuy Bumper Sticker Page
  • Colorado "Extras" (Ron picked me up.)
  • Austin The Chiropractor After years and years of neglecting my spine and back issues, my lower back "gave out" one morning in early June. After months of hard work while working with "Austin The Chiropractor" (left photo) in Cascade, I am back to good health! Thanks Austin! I highly recommend Austin, owner of Cafe of Life Chiropractic in Cascade. His web site is: Cafe of Life. The right photo was the original logo for a web site I created ( that no longer exists. :p)

    Cottonwood Lake
    Special thanks to Jesus Christ, my personal savior!
    It was tough to find a picture to illustrate all He has done for me this year, but I finally decided on two photos. The top is of Mt. Bross and Mt. Lincoln during my Hoosier Pass pictorial. The bottom is Cottonwood Lake near Buena Vista. Both of those particular photography adventures were special in that I enjoyed some very memorable "alone time" with Him.
    Hippies Stained Glass Ornament In April, I "graduated" from my weekly men's group in Colorado Springs, run by Mark Sellers. What a friend and mentor Mark is! I'm not really sure how to describe how meaningful this group was to me - all I will say is I have experienced the beauty, glory and power of men meeting together and bearing one another's hurts and pains. (Choosing a picture to illustrate my men's group was difficult, but I opted for three hippies playing at 2005 Carnivale, signifying unity, and a beautiful stain-glassed ornament with snow in the background, signifying the glory of the heavens when men "get real" with each other.)
    I'm still single! I met three more eHarmony matches in the past year, which has totaled eight since April 2004. I did make some nice friendships and I had a fun breakfast with eHarmony match #7 AnneMarie (left photo) at the Hungry Bear Restaurant in Woodland Park. :)
    Eating Picture Some of my favorite news stories for the year ... :)
  • Obsessive Banging Things Against Head
  • Corn and Pears Dinner (Adjacent Photos)
  • Valentine's Day Hearts at Work
  • Steve Drinks & Vomits Antique Water
  • Tag Found on Old Tie-Dye Shirt
  • Spruce Creek Trail
    Fall Colors
    Some of my favorite pictorials for the year ...
  • Old Railroad Bed in Manitou Springs
  • Spruce Creek Trail (Top Photo)
  • Cottonwood Pass (Bottom Photo)
  • Mark's China Pictures
  • Bridal Veil Falls
  • High Rise Coffee
  • Carved Wooden Bears
  • Buffalo Ranch
  • Dallas Divide
  • Cactus Picture Cactus Picture I've started a whole bunch of new web sites this year.
    Here are just a few of my favorites!
  • (Adjacent Photos)
  • Honda CRX I did never a pictorial or "news story" about this, but my 1991 Honda CRX with 227,562 original miles on it died in March 2005. Foolish me! I sadly failed to change the timing belt for the second time around and wham! the car "died" when the timing belt broke on Highway 24 in Manitou Springs.
    Here are some of my past Honda CRX pictorials:
  • 200,000 miles, Gas Door, Garbage in Car, Mess
  • Honda CRX makes it up Pikes Peak Highway
  • Childhood Picture I'll reserve this last box for my visit "back home" to New Jersey from December 22 to January 1. I really look forward to seeing my family! :) (Written December 20 - Adjacent photo is childhood photo of my two brothers and I at Seaside Heights, New Jersey in 1981? I'm on right.)
    A few past Christmas pages:
  • 2003 Christmas , '03 Xmas Letter, Brooklyn Christmas Lights
  • Other years: 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000

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