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Manager Biographies - 2009 Fantasy Football Season

Whaaaaat? Who are these people?

A cast of 14 people in a lame reality TV show? An international team of professional checkers players? A list of hooligans a convenience store created warning them not to accept personal checks from?

Nope. These people are the 14 managers in my Fantasy Football League! :)

Now... now... the ordering of the managers is totally random and should not be interpreted as a prediction of how everyone will place in the standings. After all, I put myself at the bottom! -Steve :p)

Buffs - Vince is a northern Californian who in August moved to Boulder to begin his freshman year at Colorado University. Go Vince go! I met Vince on Twitter and don't be fooled by his youthfulness... this kid has a lot to offer and has been very helpful to me whenever I've dropped a question on Twitter. Vince is a San Francisco Giants fan and expert about cell phones and all the things they can do! :)

Vince on Twitter
Vince's Blog About CU

Victor Victorias - Lisa, Lisa, Lisa! Lisa has been a visitor of my web site since 2004 and participated regularly on the forums when they existed. Lisa lives in Teller County (west of Colorado Springs) and moved with her husband from Florida in 2005. Let's see, she visited me on my birthday three years ago, helped me when I bought my new car in 2007 and is all over my web site: Phantom Canyon Road, Victor CO, Listed #2 on my Altitude Snob list. This is the third year the Victor Victorias are in my league, and they've finished dismally with 4-10 and 4-9 records in the past two seasons. :(

Lisa on Twitter

Kent Naegele
Mr. Potato Heads - I met Kent in a small group at a church when I first moved to Buena Vista, CO in 2005. For the past two years, I've watched many NFL games at Kent's house. Kent is all over my web site: When I stole his Internet wi-fi, celebrating a white Christmas at his house and the time I won a weed whacker at a golf tournament. Kent also presented me with a Twitter Queen award on a snowy day in the mountains this April! Needless to say, this guy is a good friend. Oh ... he's a pretty good fantasy football manager as well, for he led the Mr. Potato Heads to the 2008 championship game in his first year. :)

Kent on Twitter

Granite Gargoyles - Kim is engaged to the Kent, the owner of the Mr. Potato Heads! Yay! They plan to marry on September 20 somewhere in the mountains when the aspens are shimmering in various colors. Kim has fed me numerous times over the summer, a major plus for my stomach. Poor Kim lives most of the time in western Kansas - feeling sorry for her is expected. No doubt, her woeful Kansas status will likely be used as smack talk against her! :p)
Stephen Naegele
Buena Vista Ewoks - Stephen is the oldest son of Kent (Mr. Potato Heads). He's a 16-year-old high school student who loves the Denver Broncos and plays wide receiver on his high school football team. Stephen is all over my web site: 1) He owns a 1960 Chevrolet Truck, mountain biking in Twin Lakes CO, Christmas gift, and is in a number of great videos: Snow in Buena Vista, Chaffee County Road 162, Buena Vista & Johnson Village and Driving up the Canyon. Stephen managed a team in my league last year, the Evil Yeti Midgets, who had a 5-9 record.
Haunted Snicker Bars - Michael is the youngest manager in my league. He's only 12-years-old! And yes, he's the youngest son of Kent. I don't have a good picture of Michael, but there is an interesting story about the left photo. Michael was at-bat during a little league baseball game and I was taking his picture. Just seconds after snapping this picture, the pitcher nailed Michael squarely in the back. Ouch!
Brandon Blaine
The Radiators - Brandon Blaine is a multi-generation Coloradoan, an IT guy who doesn't like computers and Harley-Davidson motorcycle rider. He's a self-proclaimed "sucker" for dive Mexican food joints and graduated from Denver University. His buddies call him "Brando" for short. I met Brandon this spring on Twitter ... check out his page! :)

Brandon on Twitter

Glitter-Fried Chikns - Kelley lives in south Georgia (Sahhhhth Jeooowjah!) and we met last year. The girl is more of a college football fan who loves her Florida Gators, but has broadened her horizons with fantasy football. Poor Kelley, the Glitter Fried Chickens started decently in the 2008 season at 4-3, but then lost their last seven games to finish dismally at 4-10. The only team she finished ahead of was the Victor Victorias, which isn't saying much. :(

Kelley on Facebook
Kelley on Twitter

Kyle Hauck
Hurst Rockets - Kyle kicks ass! Kyle and his wife Lindsey went to my church in Buena Vista, CO for a few years, but sadly they recently moved back to where they grew up in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Kyle and Lindsey went with me to the Kansas High Point in January and also starred in a popular Dunkin Donuts video on YouTube! :)
Shawn Martin
Flea Flickers - Shawn has been a regular visitor of my for a few years now - one of those guys whom I've never met in person but feel like he's a personal friend. Poor Shawn lives in northeast Kansas, but he takes his family on frequent weekend visits to Colorado to get his mountain fix. Shawn is very involved in men's ministry and has a touching blog about Josie, one of his daughters who has had ongoing health problems throughout her life.

Wild Men in Kansas

Phil Ladden
PhX Slam - Among all managers, I've known Phil the longest. Phil originally began communicating with me in 2001, after my web site gained some publicity in the Colorado Springs Gazette. Phil is "all over" my web site: His 1955 Chevrolet Truck (that he sold! What's up with that???), Devil's Head Lookout Tower and Phil's help on the day my bike was stolen in Phoenix. Phil also ran for Hair Consultant (but lost), a crazy annual election I formerly used to run. Phil moved to Phoenix nearly two years ago. The Phoenix Slam made the playoffs in the 2008 and 2007 seasons, but have yet to win a playoff game.

Links: (Phil's Blog)
Phil on Twitter

Texas Dirt Storm - Glenda is the manager of the 2008 reigning champion Texas Dirt Storm! After starting slow with an 0-2 record, the Dirt Storm, with the strong help of Drew Brees, Steve Smith (Carolina) and Maurice Jones-Drew stormed into the post-season and won it all! Who is Glenda, you ask? Glenda lives in west Texas and stumbled on my web site a few years ago and regularly posted on my old forum system. Glenda came along with Scott and I on Ouray County Road 9 two years ago and hosted me when I biked through west Texas on my bike trip across America.

Glenda on Twitter

Hotlanta NFL Divas - Janet is the very newest friend I've made thanks to Twitter. During the unbelievably moving and historic use of Twitter by Iranians during the first days of the post-election protests in June 2009, I met Janet while following the #IranElection hash tag. Fun facts about Janet: She was born in Mississippi, but grew up in the Watts section of Los Angeles and has a nosey father who is giving her way too much input about her team. :p) Janet is a firecracker, a handful and according to her Twitter bio, a "Child of the Most High." :)

Janet on Twitter

Steve Garufi
Steve (me)
Garbage Cans - Garbage Cans! gArBaGe CaNs! G-A-R-B-A-G-E C-A-N-S! *Garbage Cans!* Garbage Cans! gArBaGe CaNs! G-A-R-B-A-G-E C-A-N-S! *Garbage Cans!* Garbage Cans! gArBaGe CaNs! G-A-R-B-A-G-E C-A-N-S! *Garbage Cans!* Garbage Cans! gArBaGe CaNs! G-A-R-B-A-G-E C-A-N-S! *Garbage Cans!* Garbage Cans! gArBaGe CaNs! G-A-R-B-A-G-E C-A-N-S!

The only thing I'll add is this: Go Garbage Cans! :)

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