Colorado Adopt A Highway Workcrews

A New Sign in Chaffee County
Colorado Adopt A Highway Sign
August 4, 2014 - My trash workers will have a great view of Mount Princeton, won't they? :)

The Fight Against Roadside Litter
Adopt A Highway Colorado
Above: My Adopt A Highway sign at milemarker 297 on U.S. Highway 24 in Manitou Springs.

Yes, there was an embarrassing scandal that hit the presses about my adopt a highway efforts, but we've picked up a lot of junk and garbage over the years! Below are my photos from many workcrews.

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Colorado Adopt a Highway Boki and Rain


23 Large Bags Filled - January 31, 2004

Our first workcrew was a mean, lean, orange vest-wearing machine. We went all out in the fight against highway litter! In one morning, we filled 23 large garbage bags with cigarette butts, aluminum cans and all sorts of roadside crap. For 2.5 hours, we labored, worked our lower backs like never before and filled up those bright orange C-DOT (Colorado Department of Transportation) garbage bags with almost anything you could imagine.

Adjacent are all who participated in the first workcrew: John, Tim, Boki, Rain, Rich and me.

Rain Thrower Rain Thrower Rain found a $10 bill. :)
John found something icky a muddy Pulte real estate sign.
A year 2000 New Year's item and a plastic pony.
Boki Boki holds a Volkwagon hubcap and other garbage.
Colorado Adopt a Highway Tim found a big ol' black piece of tarp.
Steve I don't remember why, but I was really happy about something.
U.S. Highway 24 Colorado Some of the views from U.S. Highway 24 in Manitou Springs. Sometimes this section of road is known as the Manitou Bypass.
U.S. Highway 24 Manitou Springs It's definitely a scenic road.

You can see all of my hikes and photos dedicated to Manitou Springs.

Colorado Adopt a Highway Worker Adopt a Highway Worker Near the end, people started to get tired. Poor Rain!
Ha ha.
Colorado Adopt a Highway Workers Good friends and nice mountain scenery behind.
Just married! :)
Colorado Adopt a Highway Sign Love the purple design of the Colorado Adopt a Highway signs.

Phil Ladden June 2004 - Another Adopt a Highway effort. This time, the one and only Phil Ladden joined me.
Pink Flip Flops We found pink flip flops on the side of the road!
Phil Ladden Wrench Phil also found a perfectly good wrench!

Phil is on some of my pages through the years:
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  • Jeanne Elliott Jeanne Elliott of the University of Colorado Springs: We found your library card! :)

    January 22, 2005

    Chris, Jane, Mr. Jeep and Anne (left to right) joined me to take on all the roadside garbage! :)

    Anne found a for sale sign.

    Mr. Jeep holds a broken headlight.

    Chris works with the Cave of the Winds and Manitou Springs behind him.
    I found a circular grill. :)
    Someone either lost or tossed their Los Hermanos Lozano CD.
    Colorado Adopt A Highway Worker Anne carries a large black plastic thing.
    Another picture of the crew. We had a good time!

    NCO Academy Class 05-4 Hercules Flight

    Air Force Technical Sergeants
    NCO Academy Class 05-4, Hercules Flight

    May 2005 - A big thank you to Christian Anderson and the NCO Academy Class 05-4 (Hercules Flight), for volunteering to help beautify the highway in Manitou Springs. These Technical Sergeants are currently in training at Peterson Air Force Base, and they were friendly bunch. Their names: Christian, Kim, Cassie, Rob, Josh, Jeff and Dawn. They did a great job! :)

    We found a manual for a self-propelled elevating work platform.
    Christian Anderson Christian stuffs an aluminum soda can in his bag with a beautiful mountain backdrop behind him.
    Orange Garbage Bags Question: Don't those C-DOT orange bags look like pumpkins? :) on Facebook

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