Steve's Childhood Pictures

Steve Garufi Baby I went through a family photo album, and the photos speak for themselves.

That's me as a cute baby. :)

Mom, Dad and me.
My older brother Dave and I.
Steve Garufi I do remember wearing that red baseball jacket! :)
Steve Garufi Wow! Love my Indian outfit!
Steve Garufi Great bed sheets.
Steve Garufi That was my first bike, a yellow banana-seat Ross bicycle.
Steve Garufi Bike My brothers and I.

I don't know why we were wearing Mets shirts. We were not Mets fans!!!

First grade birthday party (turned age 6) in my backyard. Notice that I'm wearing a Phillies shirt! I was a Phillies fan from 1977 to 1984, when I switched over to the Yankees.

Also, that's Brian Durborow with the big grin and Kevin Franz looking over!

My two brothers and I on the Seaside Heights, New Jersey boardwalk!

Also, notice the Budweiser t-shirt I wore. :)

See? I'm wearing another Phillies shirt! :)

In honor of the 1980 Phillies, I made a Pinterest board dedicated to them.

We would play football on the side of the house. That's Nicole Ferrara, who sadly moved out of the neightborhood when I was in the third grade. I played with her a lot from age 5 to 7.
Us at the Villa Roma Resort in upper New York State in summer 1980.
I was a king in a play in the second grade, and there I am wearing a bathrobe and a Burger King hat (or some kind of hat).
We would go to my neighbor's pool.
Great shot!
Another Phillies shirt.

Look at my socks and shoes.

Special thanks to my Mom and Dad for buying me so many toys and games.

Christmas 1980 and 1981.

Look my shiny 1970s-style shirt on the left. Oh my!

Childhood Extras
These are my two sets of grandparents, and they're holding my oldest brother as a baby in 1968. (I was born in 1971.)

LEFT: My maternal grandparents (Granda Grace & Grandpa Joe)
RIGHT: Paternal grandparents (Grandma Connie & Grandpa Jim)

Brother Mark and a burning Santa candle.
Jennifer and Jason Iorio (neighbors) with my brother.

College Years
Steve Garufi Sideburns The three brothers in front of the New Hampshire State Capitol Building. I lived in N.H. from 1995-97 after college.

Just look at those freakin' lamb chop sideburns on me! :)

Bernie and Sharon Doyle Bernie, Sharon and myself at a birthday party (age 19? 1990?) during my college years.
Bernie and Sharon Doyle Our next door neighbor was Jon, an old guy who worked as a jeweler in New York City for much of his life.

At the time, I was obsessed with baseball, and I loved asking him about the old days. He well-remembered the days of Paul Waner, Tris Speaker, Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth. Pretty amazing!

Jasmine (called "Jazzy"), the family cat.
Steve Garufi Horse On a horse in Moab, Utah in 1994.
My two brothers, Uncle Eddie and myself playing basketball. on Facebook

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