Arkansas Photos - My Visit To Northwest Arkansas

Nothing Beats Good Ol' Arkansas

September 2005 - For an extended weekend, I had the joy of visiting northwest Arkansas. Above is my favorite photo, when I was with Kansas Kelly, Rhonda and Keema. We each wore an Arkansas Razorbacks nose (Go Hogs!) and posed in Eureka Springs. :)

OK, AR and MO marker
Historic Marker


Arrival In Arkansas

My first photos taken were when Kelly and I reached the Arkansas state line at the "three corners" monument. This is the spot where the borders of Oklahoma, Missouri and Arkansas all meet.

Also, note the historical marker sign for the three corners monument was pointed towards a really beat-up trailer with old cars beside it. Hilarious!

Keema, Rhonda Kelly and Me in Eurerka Springs

We met in Eureka Springs a touristy town in the hillsides of the Ozark Mountains. Many quaint and historic buildings line the streets in the downtown area.
Eureka Springs, Arkansas
I bought an Arkansas flag! For one weekend, I was very ...
Arkansas Proud!
Arkansas Flag
Keema danced and goofed around in the rain during a short but turbulent rainstorm! :) Keema
Great photos. Kansas Kelly
We stopped by the Christ of the Ozarks monument. Christ of the Ozarks Christ of the Ozarks
An Arkansas gentleman plays the guitar in downtown Eureka Springs.
Earlier in the morning, Kelly and I met with Keema at a Village Inn in Fayetteville. I got a picture of this waitress who was wearing an Arkansas Razorbacks shirt because the football team was playing that day. The Razorbacks beat Missouri State 49-17! Go Hogs!
Rhonda happily played with my long hair as we relaxed on a balcony restaurant at a Eureka Springs hotel. Steve Garufi Long Hair
Back at that Arkansas store, check out this funky red plastic Razorbacks hat!

Also, Keema proudly held a Razorback decal sticker and ... Oh how I wish I had that bright red Razorback neon sign at my place!

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Arkansas Razorbacks Neon Sign

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