Day 5: FINAL DAY OF BIKE TRIP in Arkansas Valley - June 2002
From Villa Grove I biked up Poncha pass. See? That's my proof! And no, I did not hitch a ride to the top like I did at Wolf Creek Pass! :)
After riding down into Poncha Springs, I met up with Thomas, a friend who lives in Salida. His web site is Oh! And see that kayak in his truck? He said he went kayaking 120 times last year! AMAZING!
It just seemed like no matter where I was on the trip, the scenery was just amazing! :)
It's true that I had decided the night before that this would be my last day of biking. Although I had finally gotten into good riding shape, something inside me told me it was okay to stop. I was 1) very low on money, 2) itching to continue finding a job and 3) despite 5-days of hardcore bike riding, it just wasn't realistic (physically speaking) to expect me to arrive at the Kansas state line. As I wrote when I first rode home, THE BIKE RIDE IS OVER, BUT THE MISSION HAS JUST BEGUN! I will be back!
I arrived at the Gunsmoke Truck Stop in Johnson Village and was DONE!
As I sat outside and awaited for Jae to pick me up (a nearly 2-hour drive from Manitou Springs), I binged on junk food that I withheld from eating during the trip. :)
That's what I looked like after five days of riding. I felt tough! :)
The Arkansas River, looking south on the Route 24 bridge.
It was SO GOOD to see Jae when she arrived. She even brought Chaya, her adorable little dog! :)

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