Independence Pass Colorado

Colorado Road Trip - Manitou Springs, CO to Aspen, CO

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Nick Hughes in Colorado
September 3, 2004 - We were on the verge of Labor Day weekend and three special friends had come out to Colorado.

On this afternoon, we made a day road trip from Manitou Springs to Aspen.

When we were beyond Wilkerson Pass, I snapped my first photo of Nick Hughes (from Great Britian) in Hartsel. That's Nick standing in front of the South Park General Store.

Bernie Doyle Photographer We crossed Trout Creek Pass and were headed toward Buena Vista, when we stopped to photograph Castle Rock.

That's a great photo of Bernie, isn't it? (Bernie and I grew up together in New Jersey.)

Bernie Doyle At the Collegiate Peaks Overlook near Johnson Village. My three friends and another shot of Bernie. :)

Here are my some pages from the Arkansas Valley:
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  • Garufi Point
  • Cottonwood Pass
  • Midland Hill
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  • Mount Harvard Hike
  • Kansas Kelly Steve Special thanks to Kansas Kelly and her "banana mobile" for being such a fun car.

    Regarding the second photo, I hate to say it, but I suddenly lost my emotional balance and pounded on her car a few times. Sorry Kelly! :o)

    Twin Lakes, Colorado One beautiful scenery photo in Twin Lakes.

    Kansas Kelly
    En route to Independence Pass, we stopped at the La Plata Peak Trailhead. La Plata Peak is a 14er that I would hike years later.

    On our visit, the aspens sure was beautiful, but man oh man, we were about two to three weeks early from seeing these aspens turn gold.

    Two more photos at another lookout point.

    Independence Pass Colorado

    Independence Pass, Colorado

    Bernie, Nick and Kansas Kelly and me. What a wonderful picture! :)
    A tundra pool at the pass.
    Bernie Doyle and Nick Hughes

    Independence Pass

    Lots of pretty mountain scenery up there. Two photos of my friends.

    Over the years, I have done some hiking in this area.
  • Twining Peak
  • Independence Lake
  • Graham Gulch Trail
  • La Plata Peak
  • Interlocken Historic Resort
  • South Elbert
  • Mount Elbert
  • Mount Massive
  • Heading down the western side of Independence Pass, there are some narrow spots like this one.

    Look at that truck coming at us! We survived without incident. :)

    For me, this was the most special moment of the trip.

    As we headed toward Aspen, we drove through a large aspen grove and pulled over to take photos. It was such an amazing place. After initally taking all sorts of photos, I think all of us just sat amidst the towering white trunk trees for about 15 minutes without saying a word. It was THAT serene! :)
    Nick Steve Garufi
    Kansas Kelly Bernie Doyle
    Enjoy an aspen grove with friends. :)
    Bernie in Aspen Grove Bernie photographs the aspens.
    Rainbow A rainbow in Aspen.
    Nick Hughes Eating American Pizza The final photo is Nick eating a slice of pizza. Because he was British, we made sure that he enjoyed good food and real beer every night. With the latter, that meant local Colorado microbrews! :)

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