Autumn Photos

Colorful Autumn Photos

Pictures of Fall Foliage and Leaves at Wilkerson Pass, Colorado

September 19, 2004 - Fall has arrived in Colorado! Near Wilkerson Pass, I pulled over and walked up this hill (see photo) with some newly grown aspens. Click any image to view it at a larger size. A new window will open.
Colorado Autumn Leaves
Standing on that hill, looking back to the north. Colorado Autumn Foliage
Ooooooh! Look at that orange! Colorado Fall Foliage
I was so giddy to be amidst the aspens! ;) Steve
Fall Foliage

Another Aspen Grove Nearby
Autumn Foliage Just past County Road 90 (which leads to Eleven Mile Reservoir), I walked into the aspens in this photo.
Pikes Peak, CO Walking 500 yards towards it, I got a great view of the Pikes Peak range to the east.
Colorado Autumn Aspens Those autumn leaves looked so much brighter in person.
Yellow Leaves Look how bright these trees are!
Autumn Leaves
Here are the best of my fall foliage pictorials:
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  • Autumn Foliage Trees wearing yellow leaves.

    Near Wilkerson Pass Visitor Center
    At the Wilkerson Pass Visitor Center,
    there was plenty of photo opportunities. Click on photos to learn
    more about the region known as South Park in Park County.

    The same view with different zooms. I love the right photo! Fall Foliage
    Autumn Colors
    Just amazing! Aspens
    The bottom picture is my favorite aspen shot for the entire day. Colorado Fall Foliage
    Colorado Fall Foliage
    I sat against a tree inside in an aspen grove
    (photo directly above us) and sat for maybe 20 to 30 minutes. It was so beautiful
    and peaceful!
    Autumn Foliage
    Bright yellow leaves. Yellow Foliage
    Orange! :) Colorado Fall Foliage
    Folks, it was as bright and colorful as it looks! Autumn Foliage Autumn Foliage
    So pretty. on Facebook
    Autumn Foliage

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