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Barbeque Pictures! Yummy Chicken and Hamburgers on the Grill!
August 14, 2001
Barbeque Grill Hooray!
Scotty invited me over for a barbeque in front of his house! :)
Hamburger One of the hamburger I ate. YUM!
Scotty Lord Scotty and his son. We had a great time! I called up Scotty for a minor favor and I wound up being invited to this beautiful barbeque! :P
Grilled Chicken Oh my goodness! Just look at that beautiful chicken on the grill!
Grilled Chicken I held up a piece of chicken. My stomach was so happy from all the food!
Moa Even Moa, the family dog had a great time playing with a plastic water bottle!
Ice Cream Sandwiches Near the end of the evening, Scotty pulled out these ice cream Big Wheels! Oh my goodness ... I wanted to faint from all the happiness!
Steve A photo of me ripping into my ice cream. :)

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