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Small Town Colorado: BEULAH, COLORADO! (Elevation 6,800 Feet) - February 19, 2004

Beulah, CO Beulah, Colorado! I had some free time and made the visit to Beulah, situated at the based of the Wet Mountains in western Pueblo County. From Pueblo, take State Highway 78 west 30 miles and you are there.
Beulah, CO Post Office The town post office with very patriotic colors! :)
Beulah, CO The Beulah Inn looks like an interesting place to dine.
Gas Pump
Gas Pump Gas Pump
Across the street from the Beulah Inn are some antique gas pumps. Nice! I should park my 1964 Cadillac out in front! ;)
Beulah General Store Beulah, CO Inside the Beulah General Store, I spotted a variety of Beulah shirts, and I zoomed-in on this particularly attractive embroided logo on a forest green fleece.
The nicely painted front door of the Beulah Community Center. I was just driving around and enjoying the music playing in my car. :)
Beulah, CO I must say, I was quite impressed with the small town and mountainous feel of this town. That is my Honda CRX, by the way!

Kathy & The Uncommon Market (Below the General Store)
Undoubtedly, some of the best times I've have while visiting small towns is meeting the friendly and laid-back people of the area.

You must visit the Uncommon Market which is below the General Store and say "hi" to Kathy!

Uncommon Market
Inside, you'll find all sorts of antiques and old knick-nacks. Uncommon Market Uncommon Market
While yapping away with Kathy, I picked up a copy of the Beulah Banner, the local newspaper. Beulah Banner
Check out this funky candle holder made of wire! Isn't that cool? Ornament Candle Ornament
I was looking at it and out of the blue, Kathy said I could have it FOR FREE! Isn't that just amazing?! Thank you so much Kathy! People just aren't as friendly in big cities, are they?

I included a photo of Kathy and myself. She told me about all the chickens and goats she takes care of in her backyard. Beulah is a mix of mountains and country living.

Kathy and Steve

Snowy Pictures Throughout Town
Beulah, Colorado The funny thing was, the weather was fine until I arrived in town and then BAM, it was snowing like crazy! :-P
Beulah, CO Lots of snow coming down.

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    Deer Click on the zoom-in to see the two cute deer sitting in the snow!
    Church Building Snow comes down hard in front of the Methodist Church.
    Snow Snow An open field with a barbed-wire fence.
    Snow Beulah, CO Two road pictures.
    The primary disadvantage of the poor visibility was that I could not get any good shots of the mountains that surround this town. Beulah is based at the foot of the Wet Mountians with plenty opportunities for hiking and camping.

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