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BIGHORN SHEEP PICTURES! Bighorn Sheep Inside Chalk Creek Canyon (Chaffee County) - February 2006

Bighorn Sheep I felt like I had to get out of my cabin this morning and with no real destination in mind while driving, I wound up driving into Chalk Creek Canyon near the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs. I decided to trek up to the well-preserved ghost town of St. Elmo (11 miles into the canyon) and during the drive I came across about a hundred bighorn sheep happily eating away at the Love Meadows State Wildlife Area.

The open, grassy field is apparently very popular for bighorn sheep and other wildlife and there's a small parking lot with signs that explain some issues about how wildlife survives amidst the weather changes and different altitudes. You are not allowed to walk onto that field, but taking photos from the parking lot or wooden balcony is fair game.

I trust you will enjoy these bighorn sheep pictures! -Steve :)

Pictures of the Bighorn Sheep ...
Bighorn Sheep How to get there: Go west on Chaffee County Road 162 off of Highway 24 in Nathrop. Take that road past the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs and into Chalk Creek Canyon. The wildlife preserve will be on your right a few miles into the canyon.
Bighorn Sheep The bighorn sheep didn't seem to alarmed at my presence, but they did stop eating to look up curiously at my picture taking. :)
Bighorn Sheep Ooooooooh!
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  • Bighorn Sheep Great shot of that bighorn with those long curling antlers.
    Bighorn Sheep Eventually the bighorn sheep turned away and weren't interesting in me anymore, so they turned their furry butts towards me! :p)
    Bighorn Sheep This was the first picture I took while on the road. There were loads and loads of bighorn sheep there! ;)

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