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2003 Bike Trip Across Colorado

Below are links to previous days from the trip. Days 8-10 are coming!

Day 1: 100 Degree Heat on Eastern Plains

Day 2: 85 Miles on Frontage Roads

Day 3: Arrival in Colorado Springs

Day 4: Colorado Springs to Salida (102 Miles)

Day 5-6: Poncha Pass & San Luis Valley

Day 7: Biking Over Wolf Creek Pass

Day 8: Pagosa Springs to Durango

Day 9: ONLY FLAT TIRE! (Durango to Cortez)

Day 10: The Final 40 Miles of Desert to Four Corners

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Day 7: Wolf Creek Pass, the Continental Divide

(South Fork, CO to Pagosa Springs, CO)

Eastward I went from South Fork!
There's the Rio Grande as a very young baby! :)

I got a picture of this very friendly construction woman.

They're building a tunnel through the rock. It's amazing!
The lighting was terrible, but I wanted to give you a view of how high I biked. I'm facing back down from where I biked from.
Higher up on the eastern slope of Wolf Creek Pass, looking back.
Approaching the Wolf Creek ski area, there's one final one mile grunt!

Who remembers last year's unsuccessful trip when I hitched a ride up Wolf Creek Pass? This trip was very different! ;)
My bike at the Continental Divide! Training up and down Ute Pass really helped a lot!
Just look how sweaty, red-faced and nasty my hair looked! I began from South Fork at 6:30 a.m. and arrived at the summit at about 10:15 a.m.
I talked with this very friendly couple who were visited from Ohio.
Now mind you, the western side of this pass is very steep and I was going extremely fast for most of the time, so I didn't bother to stop to get many scenic pictures. Ah, but here's one looking downhill.
There were a few beautiful waterfalls that spilled practically onto the highway!
At an overlook.
Looking back towards the mountains, as I was heading to Pagosa Springs. NICE SHOT!
I celebrated by eating this yummy Mexican dinner in Pagosa Springs.
Special thanks to the Driessens for hosting me at their wonderful lake house in Pagosa Springs. Everyone, these folks are cousins with Andy ... remember him? :)

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