Bishop Castle - Custer County, Colorado

An Amazing Castle Built By The Hands of Jim Bishop
Do you appreciate art and creativity? Does your soul need to be lit on fire? Bishop Castle is one of those places that might change your life. For the past 40 years, Jim Bishop has used his God-given skills to build one of the most beautiful castles in the world. And the building project continues to this day. As of my last visit, there is no admission. Just go.

Directions: The address is 12705 State Highway 165, Rye, Colorado 81069. From Rye, drive north. Not sure of the mileage, but you go a while. It's on the left. You can't miss it.

Bishop Castle, Colorado
Smoke does come out of that dragon's mouth sometimes. :)

Photos and write-up by Steve Garufi. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Bishop Castle, CO

July 2014 Photos

This was my first visit to Bishop Castle in nine years. As I wandering in the castle, I noticed that Jim has not don't much work on the structure. Instead, he has been spending most of his time building the entrance gate and moat. I'm pretty sure his master plan includes walls around the entire complex.

Here's the standard image of Bishop Castle that everyone takes.


Jim Bishop's Castle

This is the entrance with an impressive drop-down gate and a bridge over the moat.

A broader view of Bishop Castle from Highway 165. The structure on the right has been built recently. Right now, the castle is the main attraction, but it'll be interesting to see how the progress unfolds in front.

Bishop Castle, Colorado Inside the sanctuary on the third floor.
Bishop Castle Bridge The hanging bridge to nowhere has been like this for ten years. It looks like when the other tower is built, this bridge will connect the two.

Yes, it is as dangerous as it looks! Definitely watch your kids. This is not a place to run around carelessly.

Having said that, sometimes visitors will stand on the bridge and pose for a picture. :)

Bishop Castle, CO Looking down at the dragon and grounds from the second highest tower.

Steve Garufi

On The Highest Tower

It's true that I've been up there a few times already, but the highlight was conquering my fears and making it to the very top of the highest tower.

TOP: Some of the recent work done at the entrance.

SECOND: The common viewing area and gift shop. You're up so high; it can be scary!

THIRD: A selfie. I had to show that I made it. :)

From the lower tower, looking across at the highest point.
Bishop Castle Bishop's Castle Two more photos of Bishop Castle from different angles.
Bishop Castle Sign

Bishop Castle Sign

The signs at Bishop Castle definitely set the mood for your visit.

This is no glitzy tourist attraction. You are entering the world of Jim Bishop.

Bishop Castle Sign Bishop Castle Sign Craziness.


The top of the highest tower.

Another tower.

One of his signs.

Not too shabby at all.


Jim Bishop and Steve Garufi

August 2005

I went to the tippy-top of the highest tower -- no easy task considering my fear of heights -- and I got a photo of my friend Ron who was steps below. This photo probably doesn't show just how high we were, but notice the large trees below.

On this visit, I got a picture with Jim Bishop. Jim was working on the grounds (as he usually is) and I appreciated him taking the time to chat with us.

Part of the experience of Bishop Castle is reading his signs.

Some vent his frustrations over the government, police and the court system. Others are political. Whatever you think of the signs, I really appreicate the non-corporate and down-to-earth style of this place. You are entering Jim Bishop's world at Bishop Castle.

"Those who abandon their dreams will discourage yours."

Is this true? It might be. It certainly encourages me.

More Photos

September 2004 - My British friend Nick Hughes was visiting America. Friends and I took him all over Colorado, and on his last afternoon, I brought him to Bishop Castle!

Nick was amused by the signs as much as I was. :)

Bishop Castle, CO Closed After Dark
There is a dragon that breathes smoke sometimes.

The left photo shows how tall this castle is, as I'm looking down at that dragon.

Bishop Castle Dragon on Castle

Bishop Castle

More Photos

June 2003 - Bishop Castle. The lighting wasn't the greatest for some of these pictures, but enjoy them anyway.
I took a bunch of pictures from that circular dome.
Dome A zoom-in of the dome.
Bishop Castle, Colorado

Look down from the dome.

You can see the cathedral-like building, the dragon's mouth, the base of the main tower and those itty-bitty people! :)

Looking south, the scenery is just as nice.
Jim Bishop is working on a walkway that will connect the two towers together.
Jim Bishop at Bishop Castle There's Jim Bishop welding something.

It's neat to see him on the grounds and working hard on the castle.

Bishop Castle Mailbox Love the Bishop Castle mailbox.
Parking Vehicles parked on the highway. When you see this, you're at Bishop Castle.
Signs Signs Two more signs.

My First Visit in July 2001
Bishop Castle, CO
You must remember, this castle has been being bult by one man alone, Jim Bishop. Amazing.
Bishop Castle
There's a large room on the third floor.
Dragon at Bishop Castle
The dragon.
The balconies were structurally sound, but man, it looked scary.
Bishop Castle, Colorado
Another shot of the castle.
Stain-Glass Windows
Beautiful stain-glass windows on the second floor.
Jim Bishop of Bishop Castle
A photo of me with Jim Bishop. This man's project encourages me so much!

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