Hawaii Vacation Photos - Boki's Hawaii Pictures

Hawaii Photos
Boki Evans
March 2002 - My friend Boki Evans of Manitou Springs had an amazing vacation in Hawaii while visiting immediate and extended family. There's a self-portrait of him on his hotel balcony. He sent me all of these photos!
Japhy on the lanai, looking like Bono.
Kaanapali Beach, Hawaii
Kaanapali Beach and Black Rock -- the view from their hotel porch.

Boki's family
Boki, Mitzi and Japhy on Kaanapali Beach.
Japhy and Grandma
Japhy and Grandma.
Hawaii Food
An array of Hawaiian food.
Baby Japhy
Dreamy-eyed Japhy on the lanai with his uke.
Papaya breakfast
Papaya with lime and mango. What a beautiful breakfast!

Boki and Hawaiian Girls
Boki with four Hawaiian women and a greeting for me. I've got to visit Hawaii.

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