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Book Events and Signings
Under a Triumphant Sky was released in December 2014 and has been selling well on Amazon. I've had newspaper coverage and radio interviews, but perhaps the most enjoyable form of promotion has been book signings. I've had events in libraries in Buena Vista, Leadville, Pueblo and Siloam Springs, Arkansas; an elementary school in Salida; a pizza shop in Lakewood; and a bicycle shop in Colorado Springs. Future events will be happening in Trinidad, CO and Albuquerque, NM. Stay current on upcoming events through my Facebook author page.

Book Event
We had a wonderful "hee haw" of a time in Siloam Springs in August. 42 people were in attendance. :)

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Buena Vista Public Library - Buena Vista, Colorado

February 7, 2015 - Adjacent is an invitation that I handed out to friends and neighbors around town.

Oh and yes, I encouraged hugs. :)

Steve Garufi Author

Book Signing in Buena Vista, CO

TOP: Yours truly signing a book.

SECOND: Approximately 40 to 45 people attended. Unfortunately, I didn't get many shots when the library conference room was crowded. Special thanks to Ed and Patrice for taking this picture.

Bike Across America Routes My bike across America routes were outlined on a map.
Why Bike Across America?

Georgia O'Keeffe Terrified Quote

Information about biking across America and an inspiring quote by Georgia O'Keeffe.

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Under a Triumphant Sky
A Bike Across America Story

Under a Triumphant Sky

Book Signing at Johnny's New York Pizza in Lakewood, Colorado - February 24, 2015
Steve and Elana
Me and Elana Rogers. She loved the red cover design. :)
Dane and Steve
Dane and I with the bike across USA map behind us.
Ravioli Dinner
The food at Johnny's NY Pizza is excellent. I had the raviolis dinner. :)
Steve Garufi & Josh Dengler
Me and Josh Dengler. This friend drove all the way from Loveland to attend.
Andy Cornell & Bill Rogan
Andy Cornell, Bill Rogan and me. These guys interviewed me on their radio show two nights earlier. :)
Bill Rogan & Rick Fisher
Bill Rogan and famed baseball pitcher Rick Fisher.
Under a Triumphant Sky Book Signing
Meredith and I.
Johnny's NY Pizza
An outside shot of Johnny's New York Pizza.

Lake County Library in Leadville, Colorado - March 21, 2015 Promotion
I love this promotional flyer. :)

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Book Event

Colorado Springs, Colorado - April 4, 2015

For two hours, I sat at a table in the Colorado Springs Bicycle Shop and sold signed copies of my book to friends and strangers. The adjacent photo includes Keith Short and his kids who drove from Hesston, Kansas to attend.

Please patronize this bicycle shop. They've been a reliable support for all my cycling needs for years. Their website is www.coloradospringsbicycleshop.com.

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Book Event

Library Presentation in Siloam Springs, Arkansas - August 2015

This may have been the most entertaining event. 42 people came to the library to hear me speak about the good, the bad and the funny about biking across America.

This was my first book signing outside of Colorado; we had a HEE HAW OF A TIME in good ol' Arkansas. :)

Stacy and Steve A nice shot with local Stacy and me.

Two radio interviews with Turf Sports Radio in Denver

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