Christmas Lights In Brooklyn, New York

Photos of Beautiful Christmas Decorations In The Dyker Heights Neighborhood - December 2001

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Three Guys From Brooklyn
I was visiting New Jersey this December to see the family during the holidays. On one particular evening, Bernie, Sharon, Tara (all siblings) and myself visited an area of Brooklyn known as Dyker Heights. It is a neighborhood well-known for residents who go all out in their outdoor Christmas decorations.

My first photo of the evening was taken as we were driving in Brooklyn and searching for this neighborhood. "Three Guys in Brooklyn" ... I like that store name! :)

Brooklyn Christmas Lights The two houses behind us were amazing! It was so bright I could have easily have sat out there and read a book from the light.

P.S. You can see all of my Christmas lights photos over the years on my Christmas Lights Directory Page.

Brooklyn Christmas Lights Bright Christmas lights!

My camera did not do this beautifully decorated house much justice.

Christmas Decorations Near 84th Av. and 12th St., it is a Christmas Wonderland! So many homes had elaborate Christmas lights. A carousel and a large Santa stood on the roof of this house!
Brookyln Christmas Lights Me standing by some Christmas lights.

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    Extra Photos

    Some time during the night we visited a doughnut shop and Bernie found this long line of receipts coming out of the register. Wow! :)

    Two photos of Sharon (left) and myself and Tara (right). We picked up Sharon, who lives in midtown Manhattan, and there she is sitting in her lovely and small living room. I'm also happy that I got nice photo of Tara and me too!

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