Bud and Donna Ford's 34th Wedding Anniversary

A Celebration And Milestone For Manitou Springs' Favorite Couple

34 Wedding Anniversary Cake They made it ... 34 years of marriage!
Bud and Donna Ford Congratulations to Bud & Donna!
Dulcimers Dulcimer They had a modest reception in their Dulcimer Shop (www.dulcimer.net), and I happened to walk in at the right time!

Everyone was happy and having a good time, and I couldn't help but snap pictures of those beautiful dulcimers!

Bud Ford Jr. Erin Bud Jr. and Erin, their two wonderful kids.

Sometime during the party, Bud finally broke down and admitted that he had sex with his wife on at least two occasions!

Dank Dank For Manitou Springs Mayor Dank is the family dog, and in a recent 2000 Manitou Springs mayoral election, he received 49 write-in votes. I'm not joking! Dank's three campaign themes were Loyalty, Friendship and Biological Diversity.

They ran a mayor campaign for their pet. Are these not the coolest people in this town?

Steve Garufi Eating This was my piece of cake ... Yum! It was a pleasure eating it!
Bud Ford Bud had cake too.

The Fords also gave out plastic musical toys!
Dank and Donna A great photo of Dank and Donna.
Bud Ford Manitou Springs Family I think I was going through a book about dulcimers and found two shots of Bud, Donna and the kids many years ago. Love this!

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