The Bud Ford Page

Former Manitou Mayor, Friendly Neighbor, Grateful Dead Sympathizer and Living Legend

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Bud Ford
This page is dedicated to Bud Ford, a good man and asset to the community of Manitou Springs. Over the years, I've had numerous encounters with him -- as owner of the Dulcimer Shop on Manitou Avenue, as the ex-mayor who is always willing to discuss local politics/issues and just as a friendly down-to-earth guy to have a conversation with.

One this page are some of my photos of Bud, including the adjacent shot of him in one of his many tie-dye Grateful Dead shirts. Love it! :)

Bud Ford Fruitcake Toss Here's a picture of Bud while he announced at the annual Great Fruitcake Toss. It was so cold that day, and Bud kept on dropping his puns and jokes at the audience.
Bud Ford Manitou Springs One of my favorite Bud Ford photos of all-time.

I forget what was happening, but I walked into the Dulcimer Shop and Bud was strumming on a guitar. He proudly smiled for me as he played. :)

Do check out the Dulcimer Shop if you happen to be in Manitou Springs. The shop website is

It was the crazy Carnivale Mardi Gras festival and during the parade, it began to snow pretty hard. I snuck into the Dulcimer Shop to take cover and this is the shot I got of Bud.
Bud and Donna Ford

Bud Ford

The date was March 21, 2004, and it was the 34th anniversary of Bud and Donna. :)

They had a miniature party at the shop and I got a picture of Bud eating cake.

Bud Ford Manitou Springs

During a particularly dry summer, a number of hippies gathered in Memorial Park and had a drum circle ... with the hopes of appealing to Providence to provide more rainfall. They banged on their drums for hours and called it a Rain Dance Ceremony. For while, Bud joined in on the fun and I got that top picture of him.

Well, about a month later, I had a contest among my friends and one award was named "Coolest-Looking Hippie On The Night All The Hippies Banged Their Drums In The Park." Bud won by a landslide!

The bottom photo is a shot of Bud with his prizes, a retro hat and a 8x11 paper award.

Not the senior ...

One shot of Bud Ford Junior strumming on a dulcimer. He's a "Bud Ford" too. :)