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BUENA VISTA, COLORADO! (Colorado Mountain Scenery) - April 2004
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Buena Vista, Colorado

Updated March 2010: These photos were from a visit in 2004 when I lived in Manitou Springs (and before I moved to Buena Vista in October 2005). Below are the original photos and captions. -Steve

Buena Vista, Colorado! From Colorado Springs travel west on Highway 24 for about 90 miles.

Mt. Princeton

Mt. Princeton

Mt. Princeton

Mt. Princeton

Johnson Village, CO

The views looking west, as you come down Trout Creek Pass into the Arkansas River Valley:

1) Mount Princeton
2) Mount Antero (left) & Mount Princeton
3) Zoom-in on Mount Princeton
4) From an overlook. (Johnson Village in foreground.)
5) Inside Johnson Village
Zoom-in of Mount Antero.
Mount Yale.
Mount Columbia.
Mt. Yale and Mt. Columbia.
I didn't take many pictures inside the town of Buena Vista, except for this old building in downtown.
Barbara Whipple Trail I went on a short hike, the Barbara Whipple Trail on the eastern end of the town.
That's the Arkansas River as a young toddler. (Picture quality is poor.)
Mt. Princeton The terrain is fairly desert-like, with lots of rocks and spikey plants like this yucca.
Chaffee County Road 304 is actually the old railroad grade for the Colorado & Midland Railroad. An old photo of Midland Tresle, which no longer stands, but is in the vicinity.
Most of the eye-catching views are to the west, but the east has some interesting mountains & rock structures as well.
Buena Vista, CO Another shot of Mount Princeton with Buena Vista in the foreground.
One extra shot of Mount Columbia.

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