Junkyard Photos

(My Photos of Old and Classic Cars Sitting in a Local Junkyard - June 2000)

Junkyard Words do not describe the wonderful feelings I felt in that beautiful junkyard, located in Ellicott, Colorado.
Look! A green Chevy Vega wagon!
A huge Ford Galaxie from the late 1960's. My grandparents owned one of these behemouths in a wine color.
Just look at that truck.......Wow!
The Buick version of the Chevy Nova, a Dodge Dart, and a really old car. Hmmmmm, maybe from the 1940's.
An inspiring pile of hubcaps.
A Dodge Monaco.

Seeing all of these classic cars sitting out here was very inspiring.

Look at this big yellow tank. Okay, it's actually a Chrysler made in the late 1970's. :)
A DeSoto model.

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  • And the last picture of this gallery is an AMC Pacer ... with wood paneling! I love it!

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