Pictures of CHRISTMAS LIGHTS Throughout Colorado Springs, Colorado
December 13, 2002
Christmas Lights Pics #1-5 are the SAME HOUSE at 15th & Platte. It's the best house I've seen so far! :)
Christmas Lights All the lights are pretty amazing!!!
Christmas Lights Look at the cute reindeer and sleigh on the roof! :)
Christmas Lights And look at the Ho Ho Ho! and Santa as well! :)
Christmas Lights My camera probably doesn't capture it, but there's a huge tree in front that is outlined by funky blue-colored lights too!
Christmas Snowman A big snowman in Manitou Springs (Crystal Hills).
Blue Christmas tree A beautiful blue tree!
Christmas Lights Midland Avenue in Manitou Springs. I love the waving snowman!
Christmas Lights Uintah Street near 30th St, West Side. IT LOOKS MUCH BETTER IN PERSON! (Gotta love the red rope light around the tree!)
Christmas Lights North Tejon, north of Colorado Springs. REAL BRIGHT IN PERSON!
Christmas Rope Lights Awwwwww how cute!

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  • Christmas Lights Santa flies across South Tejon in downtown Colorado Springs! I LOVE IT!
    Christmas Lights A big lighted tree on the Adam's Mark Hotel!
    Lovely! :p)

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