Dressed As Clowns

Our Clown Photos
March 2001 - So there we are dressed up as clowns: Diane, Dawnn, Danny and me. Dawnn had the crazy idea of dressing up as clown costumes and visiting an arcade. It was so much fun that two months later Dawnn and I dressed up as Oscar the Grouch and a Parrot. :)
Clowns Singing
When we first walked in, someone asked us to sing happy birthday to that girl. Hee hee! There's something about dressing up as a clown!
South Park Pinball
I got such a kick out of the South Park pinball machine.
Awwwww, brother and sister together.
Horse Race Game
We played the horse racing game ...
... and Danny won on his first game. Look at all those tickets!
I was amused by all those amazing yummy gumballs.
These two waitresses were nice and I got a picture with them.

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