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Colorado Sunset Over The Mountains

Pictures of the Sunset from Buena Vista, Colorado - July 22, 2009

Colorado Sunset It was one of those evenings where I felt compelled to get out of the house. I traveled up Chaffee County Road 306 and turned around at the Rainbow Lake Resort when it seemed I would have a better angle at photographing the clouds if I was out in the open in Buena Vista.

Adjacent was the view facing north with the Buffalo Peaks way out there. I was standing on Chaffee County Road 337.

Colorado Sunset A nice vertical shot of the clouds over Mt. Columbia and the mountains toward the northwest.
Colorado Sunset This is probably my favorite photo. Look at all the pink and purple in the sky!

I was facing east / southeast toward Johnson Village, Nathrop and Sugarloaf Mountain with this one.

Mt. Princeton, CO Clouds in the vicinity of Mt. Princeton lit up as well. :)
Steve One self-portrait of me. What a beautiful night!

Photo by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado.
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