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(Dawnn Dressed As A Parrot, Steve as Oscar the Grouch - May 2001)

That's Dawnn looking great in her parrot costume! :) Parrot Costume
It was a warm costume on a hot day, so it was easy for me to be grouchy in my Oscar The Grouch costume. I'm just kidding ... I actually love hot weather! :)

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  • Oscar The Grouch Costume
    Why were we dressed up? Dawnn was visiting friends who deserved some laughter, encouragment and a break from their monotonous lives. (Ha ha ha ha!)
    We attempted to visit a guy named David, but we didn't catch him. We had a balloon with his name on it!
    Awwwwwww, how cute!
    I got this fun picture of Dawnn and myself (the car behind me) while stuck in downtown Colorado Springs traffic. Colorado Springs Traffic
    What a beautiful peacock costume! Also, check out our night out dressed as clowns! ;) Beautiful Parrot Costume
    I must say, my long and naturally curly hair matched the green, Oscar the Grouch fur quite well! Oscar The Grouch Costume

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