Mt. Princeton
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COTTONWOOD PASS: Fall Colors from Buena Vista to Continental Divide
September 27, 2003
Mt. Princeton
Mt. Princeton
Cottonwood Pass, Colorado

To get there, go west at the only traffic light in Buena Vista, where you will see the awe-inspiring east face of Mount Princeton.

Chaffee County Road 306 Other Colorado Passes:
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  • Cottonwood Creek Cottonwood Creek, which flows into the Arkansas River in Buena Vista.
    Fall Foliage The scenery is pretty darn amazing from the get-go!
    Autumn Foliage Autumn Foliage
    Yellow Aspens Orange Leaves
    I can assure you, you will not be disappointed driving up Cottonwood Pass, especially during the fall.
    Rainbow Lake Resort
    Rainbow Lake Resort
    Rainbow Lake Resort, CO
    As you head east, you will see the picturesque Rainbow Lake Resort on the left.

    You can visit their web site here:

    Chaffee County Road 306
    Chaffee County Road 306
    Large mountains surround the upper landscape! (Bottom picture is looking back down!)
    Cottonwood Pass, CO HOORAY! Hooray! HOORAY! Hooray! HOORAY! Hooray! :)
    Cottonwood Pass, CO Cottonwood Pass, CO
    Cottonwood Pass, CO Cottonwood Pass, CO
    The views to the east!
    Cottonwood Pass, Colorado People, it was so peaceful up there. I highly recommend exploring this area!
    Cottonwood Pass, CO Cottonwood Pass, CO
    Cottonwood Pass, CO Cottonwood Pass, CO
    The views to the west!
    Strangers look out to the west.
    Steve That's me. I'm not happy with the picture, but oh well! :P
    Colorado Fall Foliage
    Colorado Fall Foliage
    More fall foliage on the way back!
    Mt. Yale, Colorado
    Colorado Mountains
    Zoom out and zoom in.
    Autumn Leaves
    Colorado Autumn Foliage
    Okay! Let the fall colors show begin! :)
    Side View Mirror
    Colorado Rocky Mountains
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  • Colorado Autumn Colorado Autumn Another zoom out and zoom in!
    Yellow Leaves Really bright.
    Autumn Foliage Sigh!
    Colorado Autumn Aspens light up the mountain. Wow!
    Autumn Foliage
    Autumn Foliage
    Bright orange! WOWWEE! :)

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