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The Crags - A Hike In Teller County, Colorado

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The Crags Hike
The Crags Hike

The Crags is a popular trail for hikers in the Colorado Springs area who are seeking to get away from the city, or for those camping or vacationing near Cripple Creek. The trail is well marked and the overlook has beautiful scenery. The hike distance is approximately 3.5 miles round trip.

How to get there: From Divide, go south on Highway 67 for approximately four miles. After passing Mueller State Park on right, make a left at The Crags sign. Then follow signs 3.5 miles on dirt roads to the campground & trailhead.

Adjacent Photo: My friends Jason and Susan in front of me on the trail in November 2004.

Hike on September 29, 2002

My hike with Jae, Lisa, James and Jason, using my old camera. We enjoyed a lot of fall colors.

The Crags Campground
Nice scenery photo.
My friends Jason, Lisa and Jae all were looking at the beautiful scenery ... and they were NOT posing! :)
The fall colors were wonderful! Autumn Leaves
Fallen leaves in a nearby creek.

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  • Let's just say James had a little emergency and fortunately (for James) I had some spare toilet paper in my backpack to offer him. :)
    Large rocks surround the trail. The Crags is located on the western side of Pikes Peak.
    Fall colors.
    Near the end of the trail, there's an upgrade which leads to some magnificent views...
    ...it's a somewhat steep cliff up there so be careful.

    Ah what beautiful views!

    A nice of Chaya, who hiked with us.
    Looking way down, I zoomed-in on some of those yellow aspens.
    Jae and her dog at the overlook.
    So many autumn colors on this hike.

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  • Jae leaps for joy on the way back. :)

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