Cripple Creek, Colorado

My Photos Over The Years In Cripple Creek, CO In Teller County

Cripple Creek, CO Cripple Creek, Colorado

I'll be honest: Most of the time, I tend to visit Cripple Creek only when I am hosting visiting friends or family. The casinos is usually the lure. Back in the day, Cripple Creek, along with nearby Victor, were once comparatively large cities in Colorado. Each had major districts for the mining of gold and other precious metals.

On this page are all of my photos of Cripple Creek. This town does have more to offer besides gambling. There is plethora of old settlement history, some active mining that happens today and scenic roads in the mountainous country of southern Teller County.

Below are my photos in chronological order. -Steve

Photos From Summer 2000
Cripple Creek, Colorado
Bennett Avenue is the main road with all of the casinos.
Cripple Creek Banjo Player
This banjo player was so friendly and talented. And yes, I love his sideburns! :)

Horse and buggy.
Palace Hotel Colorado
Nice photo of the Palace Hotel.

Cripple Creek, Colorado August 1, 2002

My parents were in town and we visited Cripple Creek.

My Dad bought a Cripple Creek hat for eight bucks. Nice! (UPDATE: Rest in peace, Dad. We miss you!)

Mom plays the slot machines.

Cripple Creek, CO Nice shot of buildings on Bennett Avenue and a mining area beyond.

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  • Cripple Creek Police Station The Cripple Creek Police Station.
    I love the Victorian-style colors on the Creeker Casino (left), and the blue shades on the General Store (right) looked good too.
    Two Mile High Ice Cream Cones Cripple Creek, you're getting close to two miles high and above sea level!

    Brass Ass Casino Brass Ass Casino Cripple Creek August 24, 2003

    On a visit in 2003, I had to get a picture of myself at the Brass Ass Casino in the *rear* of the building. I know ... I know ... how immature but I love the "ass" theme throughout the casino! :D

    My friend Jesse and I went together. There he is, playing nickel slots.
    Steve Garufi I played for about 15 minutes and quit after being up two dollars! :)
    Pacman Slot Machine Love the Pac-Man video slot machine!

    Cripple Creek, Colorado
    Christmas Lights In Cripple Creek - December 2006

    Pretty Christmas lights on the casinos.

    Cripple Creek, Colorado For awhile, I've had a thing for visiting Christmas light displays. Some of my pages:
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  • Cripple Creek, Colorado Loved the red lights along J.P. McGill's casino.
    Cripple Creek, Colorado The award for the brightest casino in Cripple Creek would have to go to Johnny Nolon's casino. It was bright! :)
    Cripple Creek, Colorado More lights.
    Cripple Creek, Colorado Creekers Casino on the left is decorated in bright pink shades. on Facebook

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