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DENVER BOTANIC GARDENS: The Last Afternoon for Nick in America!
September 7, 2004
Before I dropped of Nick at the Denver Airport, we spent some time at the Denver Botanic Gardens! :)
Now being that we were there at 2 to 3 p.m., the angle of the sunlight wasn't the greatest. I did my best with the camera anyway! ;)
Oooooooh! A cactus!
That's a Bird of Paradise, right?
Nick stands beside those bright yellow & brown flowers.
Wow! Don't those lilly pads on the left look like little pac mans?
Wowwee! Those are bright yellow! :)
Ha ha ha! That's me imitating the face of the woman in the statue.
Those are delphiniums, right? ;)
I love this picture! That's a Kalanchoe thyrsifolia, a native plant in South Africa.

There was a large red flower section near the Japanese section. Again, the lighting was downright awful, but hey... ;)
Oooooooh! Those are nice!
A colorful mural in the children's section.
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  • Ooooooh! I think that's in the "calalilly" family. ;)

    Inside the "Big Dome" Tropical Building

    It was pretty hot and dry on that particular afternoon. So what did we do? We went into the tropical indoor garden building! :)
    It was still hot but extremely humid. Nick had a hard time with it!
    I was sweating profusely and had only been in there for about 30 seconds. Look at how sweaty my face was! :P
    Oooooooh! Look at the tropical-looking plants! :)

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