Jae and Andy Enjoy YUMMY Dinner at Steve's Place!
October 21, 2002
I invited Jae and Andy to come on over for dinner and once they came over Jae took over the kitchen. Even though she was invited, she insisted on cooking everything and began cleaning stuff too!
Andy, who was visiting from New Mexico, sat on the couch and read the fart book on the coffee table.
I played around with the camera as I sat on the ugly recliner.
That's the delicious beef that we mixed with the spaghetti sauce.
Holy Goats Milk! THIS IS FUNNY! Jae opened my cupboard and found a package of really old rock hard marshmellows. So she took one out and banged it on the kitchen floor!
It turns out those were the marshmellow from my tipi gathering in March 2002! :)
In fact, there's the package for proof.
Don't you just love my dining area? :)
And there's all the food! YUMMY!
That's was my plate!
Oh! Notice the wine they brought over as well ... and because I don't have wine glasses, we use my cheesy beige mugs.
I chugged a lot of wine at once and I was taken aback.
That's my plate, even after having seconds of spaghetti.
Lastly, after dinner, Jae and Andy helped me with a plant that was not doing well in my apartment. All they did was pull off all the yellow and brown leaves. Thanks guys! I suck at taking care of plants!

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