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DINOSAUR MUSEUM! Ron & Steve Visit Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center!
Woodland Park, CO - April 29, 2005
Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center Ron and I went to a dinosaur museum (as I call it)! ... Located in Woodland Park, the official name is the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center, and I must say it is actually so much more than a museum.
Palm Trees A few metal palm trees sit outside the entrance to the building, which looks a little strange at 8,500 feet in elevation in Teller County. Ahhhh, but the sign (right photo) provides a good explanation!
Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center Everyone we encountered were friendly, and in fact, when I mentioned that I was snapping picture to show off on my site, they became even more friendly. Got a shot of the front desk person stamping me. Ha ha ha ha! :p)
Dinosaur Skeleton


Ooooooooh! Look at this one!
Dinosaur Resource Center Ron looks at a nifty Colorado map of old dinosaur hunting grounds.
Dinosaur Skeleton Plenty of interesting dinosaur skeletons in there!
Dinosaur Resource Center Dinosaur Resource Center
Oh my goodness!
This was the biggest dinosaur there... look at its large jaw!

And uh, as you can see, I tried to imitate the way the dinosaur's teeth stuck out! :)

This is "Sandy" - a dinosaur skeleton found in South Dakota.
We met a guide who explained various aspects about dinosaurs.
Dinosaur Resource Center
Dinosaur Resource Center
Dinosaur Resource Center
I love the top photo! It's a silhouette of a skeleton in the room you'll see as your drive by the center on Highway 24. Folks, if you're into dinosaurs, this is definitely a great place to visit!
Fish hang from the ceiling in one particular section... and as you can see, Ron did his best imitation of the fish's face and mouth! :)
Lots of research going on there too!
Special thanks to the museum for capturing this photo of us.

Yikes! The ugliest dinosaur I have ever seen! :)

The Gift Shop

I liked this cute orange and blue dinosaur! :)

Ron got a little out of hand!
Ron sits in front of a miniature tipi! :)
Highway 24 By the way, it had snowed yesterday (4/28) and early in the morning (4/29). It was really cold and dreary outside. Here's proof as we drove west on Highway 24 approaching the traffic light in Cascade.


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