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DRAINO Unclogs Steve's Bathroom Sink! - October 2002
Hi folks. Well, my bathroom sink had become totally clogged and after a week of tinkering with no luck, I finally decided to get some Draino. The pool of water was becoming really disgusting! :(
Draino HOORAY! Here's comes Draino Max to the rescue! :)
You know, I think it's just so fascinating that there's a solution like Draino that EATS AWAY at soap scum and other crap that gets caught up in drain pipes!
I poured almost all of the bottle and for the first few minutes it just sat there.
I waited like a nervous, expecting father in the living room as I the Draino did its work...
...and HOORAY! It worked! Okay now, there's NO NEED TO LECTURE ME! I know I've got to really scrub out that sink! :)

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