A White Easter - Snow Scenes In Colorado

Photos of Snow on Easter Morning In The Colorado Rocky Mountains - April 24, 2011

Snow Scene

White Easter 2011

It snowed all throughout Saturday in western and central Colorado, and upon waking up on Easter morning, we were thrilled to see a fresh layer of 3-6 inches of snow through Chaffee County. Immediately went for a drive toward Cottonwood Pass on Chaffee County Road 306 to photograph any nice snow scenes. :)

Snow A snowy field with bare cottonwoods.
Snow Much of the Sawatch Range and surrounding mountains were not visible, as thick gray clouds covered them. Thus, I focused on things near the ground such as this San Isabel National Forest sign.
Snow Nice clump of snow!
Snow Scene Roadside snow.
Snowy Road Traveling west near the Cottonwood Hot Springs, I love this photo of the road turning with plenty of snow on top. :)

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    A self-portrait. Happy Easter to all who celebrate this grand holiday.

    My motto: "When it snows in Colorado, all the people are happy!" :)

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