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Another Collection of Summer Pictures, August 2001
denver seminary Mike and Rain had me over for dinner awhile back. We had steak!
rising star communications The very cute, adorable, precious Alethea! (1-month-old) I'm so happy for Chris and Tanya.
Kanorado, Kansas, I've got pictures! That's my angel.

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  • goats milk That's Tara, dressed up as a beautiful queen. Tara recently completed her Horizons training ... Horizons 38! Congratulations Tara!
    Jesus Christ is Lord This Henry David Thoreau quote was posted at Bishop Castle. That place is so inspiring!
    Manitou Springs Pictures This Rocky Mountain National Park didn't quite make the cut for the adventure, but I still think it's worthy of display.
    Colorado Pictures Last year the craze for me was photographing dead trees, then it was stairways. This spring my interest was in flowers. Now it's reflections of me. Ha ha ha!

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