Pictures of Fireworks

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Fireworks Fireworks

Manitou Springs Fireworks Show

These fireworks photos are from 2004, using my Canon A85 digital camera. Photographing fireworks is very tricky and sometimes I have luck ... and sometimes I don't. On this night, I had some success. :)

I like the "melting" pink firework, which had some extra exposure.

Fireworks Fireworks Show Manitou Fireworks Three pictures of one firework in rapid succession.
Fireworks Fireworks Photo

Fireworks Fireworks

The town of Manitou Springs has a very good fireworks show. Adjacent are some of my more unique and colorful shots.
Fireworks Flower - Call me crazy, but doesn't the left one look like a flower?
Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks
The contrasting colors in the two bottom fireworks remind me of my tie-dye shirt. Ha ha!

On and on the fireworks show went ...

Red Mountain Fireworks . Manitou Springs Fireworks Show They shoot off the fireworks from the side of Red Mountain. Adjacent are two shots that include the mountain. In the left shot, one can see the lighted spot where they're shot off.
Fireworks Photo Love this ... my favorite of the night!
Fireworks One last firework in rapid succession.

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