Fountain Creek - Manitou Springs, CO

Photos and Tribute To The Beloved Waterway Of Manitou Springs

Fountain Creek Manitou Springs
Every great city has a well-known waterway. New York has the Hudson River; New Orleans, the Mississippi River; and Pittsburgh and Cincinnati, the Ohio River. Well, we folks in Manitou Springs have the mighty Fountain Creek running through our little town! ;)

Okay, maybe Fountain Creek isn't a famous river and you noticed that it's officially termed a "creek." Nonetheless, this is my a tribute to our beloved creek that runs through our town.

Photos and commentary by Steve Garufi. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - Google Plus

All of these photos were taken in May 2003.

My first photos of Fountain Creek were taken on the west side of Manitou Springs, near the Ute Chief Spring.

Fountain Creek

Fountain Creek

The creek flows through Soda Springs Park. Fountain Creek Manitou Springs
On the old stone bridge that connects Soda Springs Park and Manitou Avenue (beside the Mate Factor).

NOTE: The right photo was taken after we'd received some snow.

Fountain Creek
The creek runs by the Manitou Spa Building. Fountain Creek
The creek beside Memorial Park. Fountain Creek Manitou Springs
Kids playing in the creek. Fountain Creek
Continuing downstream, Fountain Creek as it runs beside the Briarhurst Inn. Fountain Creek

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