The Great Fruitcake Toss In Manitou Springs, CO

Manitou Fruitcake Toss The annual Manitou Springs Fruitcake Toss happens every January in Memorial Park. These photos were from the 2002 festivities.
Fruitcake Fruitcake? Yuck! What is fruitcake good for? I don't know anyone who likes fruitcake. I've heard fruitcake, especially when it's old and moldy, is useful for filling potholes on the Interstate. ;)
Manitou Fruitcake Toss There are plenty of contests at the great fruitcake toss. One is the throwing competition. Adjacent is a shot of a woman hurling her fruitcake.

By the way, you can bring your own fruitcake, or you can use some of the complimentary fruitcake slices that are provided by the Manitou Springs Chamber of Commerce. The funny thing was, the fruitcake they supplied was really hard; they were probably years old! :)

There was a competition where remoted controlled cars (with bodies comprising of fruitcakes) raced down a wooden slope. People were so intense about it!
Fruitcake Toss Competition There goes one of the cars! :)
Although there did seem to be a lot of standing around in the cold, kids also seemed to enjoy the event. This young girl was proud of fruitcake. It looks so good that it'd be a shame if she hurled and broke it up, wouldn't it? :)
Bud Ford Bud Ford, the announcer, was so funny with his continual rattling of great fruitcake jokes!
A fruitcake on top of a remote control car.
Manitou Springs Fruitcake Toss A beautiful and large fruitcake.
Lastly, I did participate. I won the Spatula Race! Contestants placed their fruitcake on a spatula and ran around the park. Now I did indeed win, but there's one tiny detail I haven't mentioned yet ... I was the only one in a race! For some reason, the spatula race isn't popular and I was the only person who signed up. They made me run around the park and all cheered for me!

Adjacent is a photo of the prizes I won: a blue long-sleeve t-shirt with the Great Fruitcake Toss design and a box of Cinnabons. :)

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