Steve Shows the Christmas Gifts He's Giving! December 2001
Hi folks. Hardly anyone in my family ever visits my web site, so it isn't much of a risk to show you beforehand what they're getting.

That's a wind ornament shaped like a flower and it's for my mom.
Wind Ornament
I bought a nice Colorado t-shirt for my papa. Colorado T-Shirt
I zoomed-in on the logo so you could see it better. Zoomed-In Logo
The Colorado flag is for my younger brother. I think he'll like it a lot. Colorado Logo
Everybody loves these Colorado License Plate keychains! That's for my sister-in-law. (By the way, I am really sorry if you don't live in Colorado. Your life must really suck! HA HA HA!) Colorado License Plate Keychain
By the way, I took these pictures at Scotty and Lauren's house in Woodland Park. That's Josh, Scotty's son, and look at all those presents he got! Josh!
What did I get for myself? Well, I manufactured a few hundred business cards with my picture on it. Maybe I should sell these on Ebay! :) Business Cards!
Scotty got this CSU pullover from his son. By the way, Scotty and Josh are the ones who hosted the barbeque last summer! Remember? Josh!

Please give me input on what I should buy for my older brother Dave on my:


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