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A Morning in Green Mountain Falls, CO, Alt. 7,800 Feet - October 20, 2001
Green Mountain Falls, located in Ute Pass about six miles west of Manitou Springs. Note: I created a web site dedicated to Green Mountains Falls: :)
Funny handsome guys In the center of town is a lake with a gazebo. I've seen a lot of people get married on that island, including Rain and Mike.
A beautiful shot of the lake!
A local merchant sells walking sticks on the main avenue.
So we went walking towards the Catamount Trailhead. That's Lisa with her cute dog Sam. She and an anonymous friend (who refuses to be on the web site) and myself went walking up Hondo Avenue. At the end of the road, the trailhead begins.
There's a beautiful waterfall and bridge as the trail begins, which leads to Catamount Lake near Pikes Peak Highway.
There's the one token shot of me. :)
Hot car The Thomas Trail (follow the yellow markers) leads you to this impressive view.
I can never get enough of mountain streams and the sounds of waterfalls!

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