Mt. Princeton

Hartsel, Colorado - Elevatin 8,864 Feet

Hartsel, Colorado October 2002 - Hartsel is a small and unincorporated town in Park County, Colorado. One piece of trivia: The geographical center of Colorado is in the vicinity of Hartsel.
Hartsel, CO This town reminded me a lot of Villa Grove in the San Luis Valley. It is very small, has a major highway running through it and tall snow-capped mountains stand in the background.
South Park Mercantile Company Hartsel is officially in the area of South Park. South Park existed long before the TV show was created. :)
Bison Ranch There are buffalo ranches throughout the area!
Park County, CO An example of the pretty views of mountains.
One Room Schoolhouse This building, I believe, was originally a one room schoolhouse in the old days.
Jim Gardner Well, it turns out Jim Gardner did win the election and served as county commissioner. Sadly, he passed away a few years later. He and I corresponded by e-mail after he won the election and was very generous in dispensing his extensive knowledge about Park County. Thank you and RIP Jim.
Buffalo Peaks Colorado The beautiful Buffalo Peaks to the west.
Buffalo Ranch More buffaloes! I must have spent about 15 minutes on the side of the road just taking pictures. (I'm not sure if they should be called bison or buffaloes, but the photos speak for themselves.)
Hartsel, CO Looking southeast-east, you can see the Pikes Peak Range from afar. on Facebook

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