Hayman Fire In Colorado - Photos

The Hayman Fire
In June 2002, one of Colorado's largest wildfires devoured thousands of acres of forestland. One morning, I visited a friend in Lake George who lives on U.S. Highway 24 as firefighters worked hard at containing this section of the fire. Below are my photos.

Smoke rising north of U.S. Highway 24 between Divide and Woodland Park.
Wildfire Haze Over U.S. Highway 24
Upon approaching Lake George, things became very smoky!

It smelled like a large campfire outside. At the center of Lake George, only local residents were allowed to proceed.

We watched the smoke rise from Lake George, when there was a large explosion of black smoke that suddenly rose behind the mountain.

Too Close For Comfort - The Hayman Fire Nears Woodland Park, Colorado
Hayman Fire Colorado
One week later, the Hayman Fire continued to burn. The southeastern flank of the fire had moved closer toward Woodland Park, about six to seven miles away. My digital camera can't really show just how huge the smoke plumes were.
Hayman Fire Photo
Smoke in the sky with the sun behind.
Hayman Fire Woodland Park, CO
One couldn't help but notice the large smoke rising from the main avenue in Woodland Park.
Hayman Fire Colorado
I traveled a few miles north of State Highway 67, as if I was traveling to Deckers. There was a road block. I did, however, capture one more shot of the sky fiery red ... that was taken in the early afternoon.

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