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HOMESTEAD RESTAURANT GATHERING: Friendship Board "Regulars" Dine Out!

May 29, 2005

Alrighty, here's the gang from last night at the Homestead Restaurant in Florence. It definitely felt like a "mini-festival". ;)
Lars (left) makes a face while holding his chicken finger dinner, while Kendra proudly displayed her chicken quesadilla plate.
YUM! By the way, have you ever visited the Food Forum? :)
I rip into a piece of chicken while Laura knaws away at a barbeque wing.
Tote and Phil (owner of the Homestead) played with this really fun game that guessed whatever thing you thought of in 20 questions or less! ;)
Littlehands and Mr. Little! :)
That's adorable Sierra posing dramatically as she eats a chicken finger. ;)
The BBQ wings were a tad messy and I got it all over my face, hands and camera. In the right photo, people started laughing at me and I got really mad! :(
Sierra plays with her "dancing spoons". ;-)
This is what I colored while waiting for our food!
Tote smiles while holding a chicken finger.
Um, that soda was pretty good!

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