Autumn Foliage Photos
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HOOSIER PASS, COLORADO! (Stunning Mountain Scenery On Highway 9) - September 10, 2005
Hoosier Pass, CO
Note: You can see my other visit to Hoosier Pass on a snowy day in March 2006 here: Hoosier Pass.
Hoosier Pass is part of the Continental Divide, seperating Alma and Fairplay to the south, and Breckenridge to the north. I pretty much drove on the Park County side, and I confess I was too lazy to head into Breckenridge. :p)
Here are some of my Continental Divide pictures:
  • Cottonwood Pass
  • Independence Pass
  • Loveland Pass
  • Monarch Pass
  • Old Monarch Pass
  • Tincup Pass
  • Berthoud Pass
  • I-70 (Eisenhower Tunnel)
  • Mt. Lincoln, CO Just an amazing view of Mt. Bross (left) and Mt. Lincoln (right).
    Looking down into the valley from the south side. Amazingly, the aspens are still not close to full its full autumn colors.
    Hoosier Pass
    Hoosier Pass
    I took these two photos right on the pass, looking north towards the Breckenridge side. Here are all of my pictorials from this region:
  • Alma, Kite Lake, Mt. Dem-Linc-Bross
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  • Quandary Peak, CO
    Quandary Peak
    I got one nice shot of Quandary Peak (top). The bottom photo is of Quandry Peak traveling towards the peak from Breckenridge, as seen in my fall colors pictorial.
    Colorado The range that borders Platte Gulch to the north.
    Mt. Bross, CO
    Mt. Lincoln
    Whether you're in Fairplay or Breckenridge, if you're going to drive over Hoosier Pass, I would suggest stopping. It's really scenic to take visitors and there are also some hiking trails.
    Steve Okay, in case you care...
    I had originally planned to bike Hoosier Pass roundtrip from Alma to Breckenridge, but upon peddling in Alma, I got a flat tire 0.2 miles into the ride. Strangely, I had forgotten to bring my pump and couldn't "air up" a new tube. A little while after searching every crevace of my car to conclude I didn't have my pump, I declared it an "act of God" and spent the day in Buena Vista and got some chores done. It was meant to be! My spirit soared today! ;)