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Hungry Bear Restaurant! Steve and AnneMarie Have Lunch in Woodland Park, Colorado - July 22, 2005
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Just look at that wonderful logo of the Hungry Bear Restaurant in Woodland Park! :)
AnneMarie and I waited for a bit until we got our table. The bear theme is everywhere in this restaurant, including this large stuffed bear. AnneMarie cuddled with it, but I got mad and squeezed the bear's jaw really hard! :(
Hee hee! I got a kick out of this caption printed on the menu! :)
AnneMarie got blueberry and strawberry crepes! YUM! I really want to thank AnneMarie for being such a fun girl and being willing to pose for the camera! :)
I got the 4x4x4 ... yes, I was really hungry! :p)
Good heavens! :p)
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  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmm! That was my coffee. :)

    Okay, this is one really neat feature at the Hungry Bear. If you spend over $15, you can spin the wheel for a prize. Goody goody goody! I was SO HAPPY to spin the wheel! I spun it really hard! :p)

    You'll note in the bottom photo that I was just one away from winning a $5 gift certificate back to the Hungry Bear. <:-D

    The waitress kept making fun of me during the meal because I kept talking about the wheel. She called be "Vanna White" a few times. ;)

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