Intemann Trail - Manitou Springs, CO

A Popular Trail and Enjoyable Hike In Manitou Springs / Colorado Springs

The Paul Intemann Trail is a lesser known trail that connects the Section 16 area to the east side of Manitou Springs.

Directions: In Manitou Springs, travel on Crystal Park Road and near the end of the road (at the Crystal Park gate) is the trailhead. The trail intersects at this spot. You can hike either behind Manitou Springs for a short distance, or you can take the trail toward Colorado Springs. My photos included show parts of the trail heading toward Colordao Springs.

Photos February 2002 - It's been ten years since I hiked this trail. In the near future, I hope to visit again and update this page with new photos and any new trail information.

Intemann Trail
As beautiful as it was, I think I must come back when it's warmer and leaves are out! Intemann Trail
A shot of downtown Colorado Springs from far above, facing east. Downtown Colorado Springs
Facing north, I zoomed in on Garden of the Gods. Garden of the Gods
Along the trail are some of the orange rock outcroppings that are coming for Garden of the Gods and Red Rock Canyon.
When you approach this trail spur, I suggest you take it. It's only 0.3 miles to a pretty waterfall. Intermittent Waterfall
On this chilly February day, the waterfall was frozen. This reminded me of Zapata Falls near the Great Sand Dunes (southern Colorado), which is often frozen in the winter as well.

Another local waterfall that I really like is Rainbow Falls on the west side of Manitou.

Waterfall Intemann Trail
It was tough to get a photograph showing the size of this. Too bad I didn't have my tripod with me.

In this shot, I was at the base of the waterfall, looking up at the huge mass of ice. on Facebook
Frozen Waterfall

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