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Interesting and Semi-Interesting Things

(Photos Of Odd and Potentially Interesting Items In My Home - March 3, 2007)

Mr. T in your pocket Okay, okay, I will admit this is not a "Colorado-ish" type of picture collection, but I would like to nevertheless humbly submit these photos of interesting and semi-interesting things in my home! Yep, I can only photograph the Sawatch Range and surrounding mountain scenery so often before it's time for something new, and I went "camera happy" right here in my home. :p)

Take, for instance, the "Mr. T In Your Pocket" toy that I received as a Christmas gift this past December. I have that plastic keychain near my keyboard and with a push of a button it screams things like, "Don't give me no back talk sucker," "Quit your jibba-jabba" and "Don't make me mad! Rrrrrrrrr!"

I threw in all sorts of photos on this page, including the conditioner I'm currently using for my hair, my British bobby hat and uh, something that I look forward to presenting at the 2007 Colorado Guy Festival.

Have a great weekend! -Steve :)

P.S. - I threw in a photo of me pounding that bottle of coffee creamer too! ;)

Interesting and Semi-Interesting Items at My Home ...
Russian Pepsi Can I have Russian Pepsi can that you may have seen now and then on the web cam. I spent the summer of 1999 in Vladivostok, Russia and brought it home as a souviner.
Abstract Painting I have a bunch of paintings and framed prints, but I'd like to show off this abstract oil painting that my friend Jen created and gave to me. I love this painting so much! I'll admit is a much better job than the painting I made titled "Squiggles" that I sold on eBay. ;)
Steve's Cacti This is my cactus collection. The bottom right was mailed to me as a gift last autumn, and I brought back the other four from my Arizona trip in February. Notice the far left cactus is just beginning to bloom! :-D
Arkansas Flag
Chili Pepper Lights
I have two state flags in my home. The Arkansas flag is sometimes hanging somewhere in view of the web cam, while my South Carolina flag is draped over a unused lamp with red chili pepper lights hanging over it.

I brought back the Arkansas flag with me after the 2005 Colorado Guy Festival in Arkansas and the one and only Florida Pete (who now lives in SC) gave me the South Carolina flag as a generous gift.
Mr. T In Your Pocket My younger brother Mark gave me this "Mt. T in your Pocket" gadget as a Christmas gift in 2006. Thank you Mark!

Check out Mark's travels below:
  • China
  • Thailand
  • South Korea
  • Old Cake The leftover cake from last year's Colorado Guy Festival that gained quite a bit of notoriety on this web site is alive and well as seen in the adjacent photo. I am joyfully preserving it in my freezer and look forward to offering it as a serve at this year's festival. ;)
    Bisbee, Arizona t-shirt Bronx t-shirt Two shirts I have recently received as gifts:
    LEFT: Joel in Arizona sent me a Bisbee, Arizona t-shirt that reads "Bisbee ... We're Out Of Our Mines."
    RIGHT: My parents gave me this Bronx, New York t-shirt! :p)
    Golf Clubs My old golf clubs, and yes, there really is a 1-iron in that bag. I started playing golf again last year and winning that prize last year has really inspired me.
    Antique Tobacco Containers After hiking a stretch of the Colorado Trail, I spotted these two rusted antique tobacco containers on a hillside near the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs.
    Biolage Conditioner This is the conditioner I am currently using. It is great for my hair!
    Books Here are three of the latest books that I've been reading.

    Come Thirsty by Max Lucado is a very enjoyable work that helps the reader engage with biblical truths with compelilng analogies and inspiring stories. It's a good one!

    In a Pit With a Lion on a Snowy Day by Mark Batterson is a very challenging book that discusses the matter of taking risks, pursuing God-given dreams and being courageous in one's life endeavors.

    And that book on the bottom right is my Bible. :)
    National Park Brochures
    Chiricahua National Monument Brochure
    As I walked throughout my humble abode, I noticed I had national park brochures (from recent visits) laying around!

    Here are my page to those parks:
  • Great Sand Dunes National Park
  • Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument (Arizona)
  • Chiricahua National MonumentArizona)
  • Yellowstone National Park (Montana)

    With snowfall coming down in southeast Arizona, Joel and I barely "took in" Chiricahua National Monument because much of the park was closed. Thus, I included the very beautiful photo of the vertical rock spires that define just some of the area's beauty.
  • British Bobby Hat British Bobby Hat My British bobby hat that Nick gave to me as a gift in 2004 sits proudly on top of my computer monitor! ;)
    Laptop on web cam I haven't taken too many photos of my new laptop, but here's a web cam shot of me working on it.

    You're welcome to comment about any of these supposedly interesting items in my home on my:


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