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Interstate 70 Colorado Scenery - Photos Of Mountains From The Highway
July 30, 2005
Colorado After visiting the Colorado Railroad Museum, my parents and I drove west to the historic mining towns of Blackhawk and Central City. I took this shot driving west on Highway 58 towards Golden.
I-70 in Colorado Going westbound on Interstate 70 in Georgetown.
Colorado We decided to drive up to the Eisenhower Tunnel. I raised the sun roof and took this photo will driving! :)
Eisenhower Tunnel We arrived at the westbound entrance of the Eisenhower Tunnel, which goes under a mountain range that comprises of the Continetal Divide. Tunnels rock the house!
Some of my Continental Divide pictures:
  • Cottonwood Pass (near Buena Vista)
  • Independence Pass
  • Berthoud Pass
  • Colorado On the west side of the divide, looking southwest towards the Ten Mile range near Breckenridge.
    Colorado A couple of 12,000 foot peaks west of Silverthorne.
    Colorado Somewhere heading back east towards the Eisenhower Tunnel.
    Chief Hosa Somewhere down I-70 is the "Chief Hosa" exit near Evergreen. Can someone please tell me who the heck Chief Hosa is? :p)

    A Few Photos in Central City, Colorado

    The two sister mining towards of Blackhawk and Central City are two historic mining towns that have low-stakes gambling (just like Cripple Creek) and are just one mile apart. If you're looking for large & glitzy casinos, go to Blackhawk. If you're more interested in walking around a quaint Victorian-looking town, go to Central City. (Right photos: Downtown Central City)

    Oooooooooh! One of these weeks I need to return back to do a pictorial of "Oh My God" Road, which connects Central City and Idaho Springs. ;)
    The Bonanza casino, not to be confused with Bonanza, Colorado in Saguache County, of course.

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