Mt. Princeton
Extra EXTRA Pictures Compiled in January 2002
Stain-Glassed Window of Woodland Park Church A stain-glassed window in my church in Woodland Park.
Cute Girl in Spice of Life Cafe A cute little girl eats a bagel at Spice of Life Cafe in Manitou Springs.
Stanley Arbuckle's Old Menu This is an old picture, but I wanted to show it off. A few years ago when Ex-Hair Consultant Donna Ward owned a coffee shop in Manitou Springs, she named a sandwich after me on her menu. To this day, I FEEL SO LOVED BY BEING HONORED! :)
Denise kisses a cactus Another old picture. Awhile back, my friend Denise sent me a picture of her kissing a cactus!
Chess Set That's the outside cover of my chess set.
Steve's Big Mouth Lastly, that's a picture of my big mouth! Bye for now! Love, Steve :)

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