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(Hair Consultant Donna Meet Parents)
August 2002
My parents wanted to buy dinner for Hair Consultant Donna and her husband ... and we went to Joe's Crab Shack in Colorado Springs.
Keith and Donna look a little upset in this picture, but they had a good time! :)
Let's just say it was a very interesting meeting between my parents and the chief leader of my long hair.
Ha ha ha! I got such a kick out of this suitcase full of crabs! :)
A strange picture of me drinking my beer before the food arrived.
This freaky guy came over and made us a ladybug balloon. See the one on his wrist?
Then finally, our food arrived! HOORAY!
I know it's a fish place, but I still ordered a chicken sandwich with fries. YUMMY!
Papa gave a thumbs up to the food as well!
I zoomed-in on Donna's food. I didn't know what she got but it looked good.
This waitress didn't look to happy. :(
There they are chatting away in the parking lot. How sappy!

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