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The Latest Assortment of Colorado Pictures, July 2002
Lisa at Spice of Life.
The town clock in Manitou Springs.
Flowers in front of Miramount Castle.
Sunrise on the northern Colorado plains. That's I-25 below.
A very sturdy handcrafted stool by Kenn Jones in Woodland Park, who coincidentally is selling it for $200. Let me know if you're interested! That top quality stool will last you for a lifetime!
Andrea sent me this picture of herself. "Woman walks on railroad tracks"
My nephew Jack in New York.
A local bumper sticker reflecting the views of some residents towards personnel in Manitou's City Government ... No comment from me. I'm staying the heck out of this one! :)
Frog Rock near Florissant in Teller County.
That's my friend Beth, the girl with the Winnie the Pooh watch, who was taking a picture of Frog Rock. By the way, we were on our way back from viewing the Hayman Fire, which she really enjoyed viewing.
Rich, known as Pony66 on the message boards, works on a crossword puzzle at Spice of Life.
Summer flowers outside the Cliff House.
I zoomed in on a telephone pole for no apparent reason. Nice shot! :)

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