Kanorado, Kansas

Pictures of Buildings and Scenery In Kanorado - Near The Kansas/Colorado State Line

Kanorado, KS

Photos - September 2005

Kanorado, Kansas! You can't miss it on Interstate 70 at the Kansas/Colorado border.
Exit 1!
Kansas Sunflowers
Kanorado, Kansas
Kanorado, KS
I stopped by after driving across Kansas, beginning in Olathe.

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  • Tractor I spotted this attractive tractor in a front yard.
    Kanorado, Kansas
    Kanorado, KS
    Kanorado, KS
    This is a quiet and peaceful town.

    From top to bottom, that's an old abandoned building, the former Kanorado Cash Store and Town Hall.

    Welcome To Kansas

    Old Photos From My Visit To Kanorado In December 2000

    I got a photo of the "Welcome to Kansas" sign.
    Kanorado Post Office During this visit, I went to the post office and to my surprise, the locals were having a Christmas party at the post office. That was fun!
    I was standing by the west side of town and looking west. I would estimate somewhere past that tractor is the Colorado border.

    This was a neat experience. While mingling at the post office party, I spoke of how the museum across the street was closed. Well, this friendly local told me she had a key to get in there, and so we visited the museum! Kanorado is definitely a friendly town.

    In the top right photo, I actually jumped inside the 100-year-old caboose. Also, I was told the structure in the bottom photo was a temporary holding cell for criminals in the old days. Wow!
    Hazel Estes I had the honor to meet Hazel Estes, the mayor and chief executive of the greatest town in all of Kansas! I actually drove to Goodland to meet her where she works. I appreciated her spending some time in conversation with me. Thank you Hazel! :)

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